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Looking for like-minded women*?

At Equals Amsterdam, we support women* in the growth and development of their careers.

This is a place where you can connect, join and host events, get inspired, work, and have meetings.

Looking for like-minded women*?

Equals Academy

Do you want to work in tech, but don’t know where to start? Equals Academy (re)schools women* into a tech position at an impressive partner company. We work together with high-end tech schools that teach the students all they need to know to start a career in tech.

The program takes three months, takes place at our beautiful clubhouse, and is free for students. Job guaranteed!


As a member you’ll be part of our mission and ecosystem of ambitious women* that are here to connect, grow and empower each other.

You’ll have access to our Clubhouse, a canal house in the centre of Amsterdam that serves as the heart of our community. You can hop in and out to get some work done, have meetings, network with like-minded peers and join our member events.

Our spaces

Looking for an inspiring location to have your meeting or event? Look no further. We offer multiple meeting rooms and have a big event space that you book for any event you’re organising. The Equals Clubhouse is a hub for ambitious women* to meet, work, connect, grow and empower each other. The environment alone is meant to inspire, just like the people we named our meeting rooms after.

Visit our clubhouse

Interested in becoming a member but want to check out our clubhouse first? You can book a free tour with our Community Manager Charlie. She will show you all around the building and she can tell you everything about the different types of memberships we offer.

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