3 tips on how to celebrate your own success

When was the last time you really celebrated yourself? For getting a project done at work that you worked on for so long. Or for getting up in the morning despite the warmth of your bed and tackling a busy day. Thanks to our “better, faster, further” mentality, celebrating success became marginal. While the world would be so much more beautiful and colorful if you would recognize yourself for all your great achievements. Not only would you be more self-confident, but you would also have a real happiness boost, because “being proud of yourself” is a pretty awesome moment of pleasure. That’s why we decided to share some tips on how to celebrate your own success.

I say success. And you are thinking of ______?  

We tend to think of only the big milestones in our lives as achievements. Consequently, we only celebrate them. No more and no less. But actually, celebrating success lets you see things more positively while boosting your happiness.   

So to get this straight: you are constantly achieving success, and you deserve to celebrate yourself for these everyday accomplishments too.   

No matter how small and insignificant they may seem at first glance. Because you did something to reach them, you made an effort. Those efforts led you to achieve the outcome you were working towards. That’s what makes a success.   

But why is it so difficult for you to “celebrate success”?  

According to Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology, we all have what is called a catastrophic brain that is always prepared for the worst. Which means that what is going well is often hidden. Before we get to the specific tips on how to celebrate your achievements, it’s important to know which are the thought dynamics that let you feel like your success is not worth celebrating, in order to actively defend yourself against them. Work on breaking these dynamics. Here are two of the most common hurdles – probably – stopping you from celebrating success:   

  •  You think you are not responsible for your successes

Unfortunately, women in particular tend to be overly critical and assume success was only due to external factors or that it was a coincidence. While failures are of course always our fault. Pretty unfair, right? 

  • Your inner critical self doesn’t begrudge you success

We all have an inner critical self in our head whose voice is louder – on some people more than others – but definitely annoying for all of us, belittling what we have been accomplishing.  

If we run from goal to goal and only look ahead, we never really feel like we’re succeeding. On the contrary, we tend to make unhealthy comparisons with others far too quickly because we have forgotten how to measure ourselves against ourselves. Once taking the time to look back and appreciate our progress, we recognize our accomplishments and know that our efforts are worth something. 

How do I celebrate my success?
  • Take the time to consciously look back at what you have achieved  

Self-reflection is fundamental in recognizing and acknowledging your accomplishments, take the time to ask yourself the following reflection questions:  

  1. What have I done?
  2. What was good?
  3. What new things have been initiated?
  4. What relationships have I strengthened?
  5. What problems have I solved? 
  • Reward yourself

As good as your intentions may be in the stress of everyday life, a sense of achievement can be easily forgotten, give yourself time to celebrate them. There is no need for big rewards, what counts is the appreciation you show to yourself. For example, every morning before starting a work day think about how you will reward yourself for having had a strenuous day.   

  • Share your accomplishments  

Shared happiness is double happiness. By telling others about it, your success is reinforced in your memory. It becomes more real. Because you put it in your own words. It is important that you let the right people share in your success. Remember: there is nothing too small or too insignificant! Everything you have accomplished or achieved today is a success. 

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