Role Model Campaign 2023: Equals

Let’s accelerate gender representation together! 

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. A day to honour all women’s political, economic and social accomplishments. 

Acknowledging and celebrating the women who are leaders in innovation and tech is vital. Since the tech industry has developed rapidly in the last few years, it is necessary to take a gender-inclusive approach to ensure that everyone is adequately represented. Young girls and women starting their careers need role models to inspire them to pursue their passions. 

Role models are essential for women in the tech, entrepreneurship and leadership sectors. The role models in these fields are pioneers and can inspire everyone with their determination. Studies prove that when women have role models to look to, they feel more engaged with the industry. They were empowered to take on more challenges and had increased motivation and confidence in themselves. 

Employers and industry associations should actively work to create mentorship programs and networking opportunities for women. This will contribute to a more diverse and inclusive landscape and promote the career development of women in the industry. 

For this reason, along with more than 110 companies, we launched the Role Model Campaign on this memorable day to feature 166 women in tech, leadership and entrepreneurship in the neighbourhoods of Amsterdam and Hague. 

This Role Model Campaign is critical for motivating women to follow their professional goals. At the same time, on a macro scale, it is necessary to ensure that young girls can easily see these role models within their most familiar environments, their neighbourhoods. When asked what they want to be when they grow up, they can proudly respond: “I want to be like her!”. Because on this International Women’s Day, #YouAreThem! 

Get inspired by Role Models!