Art and Equality: My Women in Art Vision

Art and Equality: My Women in Art Vision


Dive into a Q&A with Nicky Huisman, founder of the Women in Art Foundation,  as we uncover her journey from a week in Paris to her current role as a passionate advocate for women in art. Explore her love for art, her dreams of expanding her platform, and her commitment to inclusivity. We’ll also dive into our collaboration for the Women in Art, focused on empowering and inspiring women in the art industry. In this conversation, discover Nicky’s valuable insights and her determination to break down barriers in the art world.

Could you share your journey into the field of art? What drew you to this profession?

“When I was 19 years old, I went to Paris for a week with my mom, and we visited 2 or 3 museums daily. It was amazing, and I completely fell in love with art, especially with Musee d’Orsay. A few years later, I started working at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and learned so much more about styles, periods, applied arts, modern art, and art history… there was no way back; I was fascinated to the bone.”

Could you share some of your favourite moments or projects from your art career?

“I have worked in a few wonderful museums where I learned a lot and saw a lot of beautiful art. With every new exhibition, the staff gets a tour from the curator; you learn a lot from that. If you know the story behind the art, the artwork often becomes even more interesting. I would always recommend a guided tour.”

What are your future goals and aspirations?

“Having my own gallery is a dream in itself, and my intentions are to make my platform bigger, broader and more international. I love working with creatives; they really inspire me. And, of course, I love to help clients choose that special artwork that fits in their homes and lifes. Another dream for me was to organize accessible and affordable art events, and I’m very proud that this dream is also coming true in collaboration with Equals.”

What motivated you to curate an exhibition specifically focused on women in art?

“Thanks to Equals, I became more aware of the subject of inclusion, and I focused on women in the art world. I learned the painful truth about the underrepresentation and underappreciation of women in art. Honestly, I was shocked. I decided to take action, and in collaboration with Equals we decided to organize the 3-day Women in Art event. I also founded the Women in Art Foundation to support women in art and raise awareness.”

How does the exhibition contribute to ongoing efforts to amplify women’s voices in the art world?

“With the Women in Art event, we give art made by women and women in art a stage, a voice and a face. We hope to make these women more approachable and the artworld more accessible. We also aim to inspire the next generation of women in art.”

How do you plan to extend the impact of this exhibition beyond its physical duration?

“Our intention is to organize the event twice a year; this way, we will keep the topic current and ongoing. At the same time, we have the Women in Art Circle that aims to educate and connect women with art.”

How do you think the collaboration between the Women in Art and Equals will empower more women into the art world?

The collaboration between Equals and the Women in Art Foundation is very important to achieve the best result. Together, we have exactly the right knowledge and resources to not only create awareness but also to take action, to inspire and to empower women in art.


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