Women in Art Exhibition Announcement

Women in Art Exhibition Announcement


The Women in Art event brings together a diverse community of art enthusiasts and professionals, promoting inclusivity, equal opportunities, and networking. The first edition of Women in Art event in Amsterdam featuring co-host Young Collectors Circle and Micky Hoogendijk. 

From September 29th to October 1st, 2023, the first edition of the WOMEN IN ART event will take place at Equals Amsterdam. This new initiative by the Women in Art Foundation and co-host Equals, a platform dedicated to promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace, aims to increase the inclusion and equal opportunities for art created by women and women in the arts. The event provides a platform for fifteen talented women artists, making their works accessible to a wide audience. Additionally, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of art by attending engaging art talks, art stories, and workshops led by inspirational women from the art world. 



The WOMEN IN ART event presents an engaging line-up of speakers and co-hosts, offering visitors the opportunity to learn more about the art world. The opening and introduction on Friday, September 29th, will be conducted by Dominique van der Mee, editor-in-chief of Tableau Fine Arts Magazine. The co-host for this day is the Young Collectors Circle. Director Nadine van den Bosch will provide a Masterclass on art collecting. 

 On Saturday, September 30th, artist Nathalie Ayesha Tappin is hosting a painting workshop: Elevate Your Frequency. Additionally, Romy Kerkhof is talking about How to: contribute to an inclusive art historical canon. Integrating Dutch eighteenth-century-Women artists into Art Historiography. 

On Sunday, October 1st, Anne Berk, vice-chair of the European Sculpture Network, will deliver an Art Talk about the meaning of art, after which Micky Hoogendijk will conclude the event with an inspiring story about her personal Art Journey. 



The Women in Art Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the representation and appreciation of female artists, and co-host Equals, are the driving forces behind the WOMEN IN ART event. Nicky Huisman, Chairwoman of the Women in Art Foundation, states: “Inclusion of art created by women is essential for promoting equal opportunities and diversity in the art world. By better representing and appreciating female artists, the range and enrichment of art are expanded.” 

“We proudly present this event as a reflection of equality, inclusion, and opportunity promotion in the art world. At the same time, we provide women with an informal meeting place where they can share their love for art and work on a powerful professional network. With this event, we’re hitting two birds with one stone,” says Dieuwke van Buren, General Manager of Equals. 

The Women in Art event promises a unique and inspiring experience for both art enthusiasts and professionals in the art world. 

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 For more information about the Art Exhibition at Equals you can contact Nicky Huisman, Chairwoman of the Women in Art Foundation. Mobile: +31652 033 522. Email: nh@womeninartfoundation.nl 

Questions about the Women in Art? Contact aleksandra@equals.amsterdam