qichun dai

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“As a digital hub, Miele X is here to support the Miele Group in creating new digital heritage worldwide. Therefore, diversity and inclusion are deeply embedded into our DNA, as we want to represent different markets we operate in and the customers we support. We are immensely proud of our female talent and want to showcase the strong influence they have on our business, knowing that a gender balanced workforce is the way to move forward when creating real value and long-lasting impact.”

Qichun Dai
Data Visualization Expert at Miele X


“While I grew up in China, various countries have been my home prior to moving to the Netherlands. I moved to Amsterdam a year ago for my new job at Miele X. Besides traveling and creating new experiences, there are two things that I am especially passionate about: data and art. For me, a career in data visualization perfectly combines these two, allowing one to express their creativity while also thinking analytically. ”

What or Who inspired you to pursue your chosen career?

“I was really touched by the story of Hans Rosling, a true pioneer of data visualization. Not only did he overcome some difficult circumstances in life, but he also chose to look at data in a positive way, detecting trends that we otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. His TED talk inspired me to pursue a career in data visualization, wanting to help people to understand the world better by communicating data in an effective way.”

Interview with Miele X

While there has been a clear increase in female labour participation over the past decades, employment gaps are present in many industries, with tech being at the top of this list. However, at Miele X, diversity and inclusion are at the core of their business.

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