Arantja Rosalina – Role Model Campaign

Photographer: Gina Tamer Saad ©
Make-up artist: Olena Tvorcha


Arantja Rosalina
Inclusive UX/UI Designer & Spreker at Studio Stoofpot


“As UX/UI Designer I help organisations design accessibly. With a diploma and years of experience in the art and culture field, I make unique connections between this field and the IT field I work in today. I answer questions like ‘How do you reach a new audience?’, ‘Do current design processes actually create a user friendly design?’, and ‘How important is representation within an organisation?’ (Spoiler: very important.) ”

Why do you think is important that Role Models need to be visible?

“Because of the prejudices we have here in The Netherlands, the tought of being in IT or speaking never even came to mind before my 30th birthday! I didn’t see any representation that looked like me in the field. That needs to change.”