Feikje Hielkema-Raadsveld – Role Model Campaign

Photographer: Gina Tamer Saad ©
Make-up artist: Olena Tvorcha


Als dé kennisorganisatie voor digitale informatievoorziening in de zorg hecht Nictiz veel waarde aan diversiteit. We streven dan ook naar gelijkheid en diversiteit in ons personeelsbestand. De Role Model campaign van Equals vinden wij een mooi initiatief waaraan we graag meewerken. Meer zichtbaarheid voor inspirerende en ambitieuze vrouwen in de zorg-ICT juichen we toe. Rolmodellen dragen bij om elkaar te inspireren, te laten groeien en te versterken.

Feikje Hielkema-Raadsveld
Computational Linguist at Nictiz


I studied artificial intelligence and obtained a PhD. I worked for four years for a company that developed chatbots and semantic search systems, and then 10 years ago switched to Health-IT at Nictiz. I love my job; it is interesting, challenging, and helps us improve healthcare. I have a husband and two sons. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, cooking, baking and needlework; mostly reading though.

What or Who inspired you to pursue your chosen career?

At every stage, I just chose the next step based on what I enjoyed doing and what seemed interesting. I never could have predicted my current job, but I am vastly content with it.

Interview with Feikje Hielkema-Raadsveld

Feikje is a true inspiration for women in STEM fields. She has shown that balancing a successful career in technology research with family life is possible. As a mother of two young children, Feikje has found a way to pursue her passion for computational linguistics while still being present for her family.

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