Maaike Snelder- Role Model Campaign

Photographer: Gina Tamer Saad ©
Make-up artist: Olena Tvorcha


What would the world be like without the innovations of Marie Curie? Or without the advancements of Margaret Hamilton? TNO believes in the strength of women, and that everyone, however different, should have the same opportunities to take part and to grow. In society in general, and also as an employee and colleague. By combining our unique strengths we can successfully innovate and have an impact on society. We love the opportunity to showcase some of our talented TNO women by collaborating with Equals for this year’s International Women’s Day. By highlighting our women in tech and leadership, we hope to show girls and women that they are welcome in these roles. Let’s continue to inspire and innovate, and thereby create a place where diversity and inclusion are the most normal thing in the world.

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Maaike Snelder
Principal Scientist Sustainable Urban Mobility and Safety at TNO


” I can proudly say that as a principal scientist at TNO and associate professor at the TU Delft, I am responsible for the development of several large research programs in which a large group of researchers from TNO, the TU Delft and other universities is active to co-design our future traffic and transport systems together with many public and private partners.”

What or Who inspired you to pursue your chosen career?

“My main inspiration is the real-world challenge to design our future traffic and transport systems, taking into account societal goals like accessibility, resilience, safety and livability (see above). Furthermore, my supervisors, promotors and other colleagues have acted as role models for me and inspired me to pursue a career as scientist at TNO and the TU Delft.”

Interview with TNO

We interviewed two company representatives of TNO: the largest independent research, development and consultancy organisation in the Netherlands, focusing on applied science. Their mission? “To connect people and knowledge to create innovations.” Helma van den Berg, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, and Frieda Agema, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, make it their job to improve diversity and inclusion within TNO, and are here to tell us everything about the company’s equality initiatives.

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