Sonam Mittal

Engineering lead
Find Hotel

Did you know that only 18% of people working in tech are women, with a widening gap and a missed opportunity for tech industry to grow further? Today, on International Women’s Day, we want to showcase the (already existing but yet not enough) strength and the diversity in the tech world. 62 women from 44 different companies joined us in our scope and have been featured on 55 billboards (known as ‘pepperbussen’) in and around the city of Amsterdam.

Let’s bring awareness to all these inspirational role models dismantling the status quo!

“Software programmers are also I think normal humans, I would say. We also have fun activities, like we also party, we just don’t write codes.”

Findhotel; We were thrilled  to be part of this campaign and show our support to female talent. We believe it is important to create equal opportunities and to encourage women to be ambitious and aim high, therefore, we are committed to creating positive spaces for women of all walks of life to strive their dreams here at Findhotel