Jolanda Slof – Role Model Campaign

Photographer: Carly Wollaert ©
Make-up artist: Sharmila Vooren


Jolanda Slof
Director IT Credits at ABN AMRO


”I decided to apply for a job within IT when it was Kingsday 2010. I remember it very vividly. Standing on a square in Amsterdam in need of cash while all the ATMs were either occupied or out of service. I was so amazed that so many people were dependent upon this machine that I wanted to improve this process. I applied for a position in the cash& cards area and now 10 years we all have our own ATM machine in our pockets. It is amazing to see how fast these technological changes go and it gives me lots of energy to contribute to these developments in the work that I do.”

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

“In my younger years, I always was having second thoughts. And although fear and doubt are part of life I also learned to trust my abilities. In my youth, I was an athlete and run 100 meters. Every time I was anxious before the starting signal. Ready, set…….  GO:  I always thought: ready? Hell no. But then the only thing I could do was just run. As fast as possible, using my own power and incorporating all the tips and tricks that I learned. I think it is the same with a career. We all recognize having second thoughts but in the end, it is about having faith and using the power that is in us.”


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