Laurie Lancee & Jozien Boersma – Role Model Campaign

Photographer: Carly Wollaert ©
Make-up artist: Sharmila Vooren


We believe that entrepreneurship and motherhood can go hand in hand.

Laurie Lancee & Jozien Boersma
Co-Founders of Vini Mini


Laurie – ” I was born in The Hague and grew up partially in the Netherlands and Belgium. After my degree in Hospitality Management and working in Paris, Shanghai and London; I got a degree as registered controller and worked at big corporates in consulting, Finance & Business Control for 15 years”

Jozien – “I was born and raised in a warm family in the north of the Netherlands. But took the opportunity to study Hospitality Management in The Hague and to work abroad. Years later I settled in Amsterdam and started my corporate career in Marketing and Sales roles. Amsterdam is also the location where our beautiful two kids were born and a third baby called Vini Mini.”

What or Who inspired you to pursue your chosen career?

Laurie – “My son Viggo had a life-threatening allergic reaction when he was 6 months old. This event totally changed my life and I turned my negative experience into something positive by starting Vini Mini. With Vini Mini I want to help parents to prevent food allergies in an easy, healthy & safe way.”

Jozien- “My parents inspired me to chase my dreams and showed me that with hard work everything is possible. They were my role models who showed that women can work fulltime and be a fantastic mothers at the same time. “