Arosha Brouwer & Lucy Howie – Role Model Campaign

Photographer: Gina Tamer Saad ©
Make-up artist: Olena Tvorcha


“We’re creating a well-being movement…and it needs people of all shapes and sizes.”

Arosha Brouwer & Lucy Howie
Founders of Quan



I’m a Srilankan- born- Australian Dutch citizen. I moved to the Hague 17 years ago. I have 2 kids, a partner and a dog. I’m also a co-founder of a B2B saaS company focused on improving well-being. I have over 20 years work experience and have travelled to over 60 countries. I love good food, good company and doing meaningful things.


Originally from New Zealand, but have lived the best part of 15 years aboard. In my background, I was a CEO of a tech start up, and an executive at a tech unicorn, I saw firsthand where the cost of success, is employee well — being. Thats why we started Quan, as we believe in a world where well-being is prioritized as key to business success, equal or greater to financial KPIs.

What or Who inspired you to pursue your chosen career?


A life of travel, deaths in family, corporate career, exceptional leaders – and terrible leaders <- everything mixed into one led me to believe that there is a big societal problem in the world – “success” is largely attributed to financial metrics, whilst so many important topics such as “wellbeing” is the price we are paying for it. It is a problem worth solving – and I wanted to put my energy towards solving it.


My first job after my undergraduate degree was with a private equity firm in London, where I quickly realised this is not what I wanted to do, I wanted to do something with impact. But it did inspire me to go into business so I did an MBA, and realise I love building products with genuine impact, and I love coaching and developing others. I have always been the youngest, and more often than not one of few females at the table, especially in tech and in startups. This has inspired me more to set an example for others.