Marijke Kasius – Role Model Campaign

Photographer: Carly Wollaert ©
Make-up artist: Sharmila Vooren


Marijke Kasius
Chief Executive Officer at PQR


“Marijke Kasius, CEO of PQR, has an extensive and successful track record in ICT management, both in the Netherlands and abroad. She is one of the driving forces behind the fast-growing Managed Services Unit and outlined the strategy for the development of new, innovative services that resulted in many new customers and lead to the growth of PQR. In her view, high customer and employee satisfaction are essential to building an excellent company, and every business has the responsibility to do this in a sustainable manner and with a diverse team.
Kasius has proven to accelerate the growth of PQR with innovative leadership and this was recognized when she won the award of CEO of the Year of 2021. Through her knowledge of managed services and as a member of advisory boards, Kasius has also helped a number of other companies with their digital transformation. Kasius graduated as an Executive Master of Business Administration MBA in 2015, and also holds a degree in Communications and Media (MA) and Business Administration (MSc). Next to her primary job at PQR, Kasius is a local government councilor since 2018.”

What or Who inspired you to pursue your chosen career?

“I believe that when you do things you are passionate about and really like, you will be at the place that is best for you. I just do what I really like to do. “