Kim Sijm


Did you know that only 18% of people working in tech are women, with a widening gap and a missed opportunity for tech industry to grow further? Today, on International Women’s Day, we want to showcase the (already existing but yet not enough) strength and the diversity in the tech world. 62 women from 44 different companies joined us in our scope and have been featured on 55 billboards (known as ‘pepperbussen’) in and around the city of Amsterdam.

Let’s bring awareness to all these inspirational role models dismantling the status quo!

Being a CFO is not only about numbers, it’s about understanding the business, and the collaboration between the processes, systems and people. I love my job at Recruitee where we are thinking of improvements that suit our future growth. This means we’re looking for scalability, efficiency and certain insights. For instance insights where we dive deeper into metrics to understand what part is working well and what part might be less effective. I think every individual contributes something unique to a company. Each individual has their own vision and view on things. Having a Management Team with different people with different perspectives ensures well considered decisions. I encourage everyone to listen to others but also speak up and let your opinion be heard.