Sabine Westerdijk – Role Model Campaign

Photographer: Carly Wollaert ©
Make-up artist: Sharmila Vooren


“Tech has been a male-dominated industry for ages. Slowly the view of the stereotypical developer is shifting due to the popularity of tech. At Humanoids we’re a frontrunner in breaking with such traditions! We’re working hard to create a better balance; a more diverse and healthier tech job market. That’s why we need more women and young talent in tech! We spend 20% of our time training the next generation of developers and UX designers and are very passionate about this. At Humanoids you can find the best young professionals, and more than half of them is female.”

Sabine Westerdijk
Developer at Humanoids


”I’m a developer with a background in cognitive psychology. I’ve started my career in tech as a back-end developer, but the last three years I’ve been focusing on front-end development. I love the combination of problem solving and creating things that are visually appealing, of course all with the end user in mind. I also find education very important. That’s why I’m not only a developer at Humanoids, but since last year also a front-end traineeship lead.”

What qualities do you think are essential for success?

“Definitely a positive attitude. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because those will allow you to grow and learn. Also, be honest to yourself and the people around you. If you want something, go for it!”

Interview with Humanoids

In this article, we interviewed Maarten Hoogvliet and Robbin Habermehl, founders of Humanoids. They established Humanoids in 2017, with 30 years of collective experience working in the UX design and development industry.

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